I keep waking up sideways as the light blazes into my eyes orange behind these sleepy lids and I stretch like a little kid. I had a dream that my room was a tent and it was filling with water again and again I abandoned my home swam to shore and it was over as […]

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Dear Remy

Remy the king of positivity of no bad days of class and of compliments Cheers to you for a life worthy of the title for your striking good looks and personality for having the hardest drip known to man You were always one to quote songs well I believe Houndmouth hit the nail on the […]

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Serial Lover

This is something I wrote back in February of 2017, I just rediscovered it. Praise the Lord for being so rich. The day was glorious. My heart was unlocked to the truth of the Gospel. For years, I had been a slave to self- serving desires and emotions; I confused true love with lust and […]

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Hide and go Seek, Tag

“How are you?” is just a courtesy or is it? maybe I’m just being pessimistic. I want comfort so badly but to let people in means to open up. To open up means to feel everything; every feeling. This is what scares me. Maybe it’s good for life to not be so agreeable. It’s in these […]

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Enigmatic Man

Mysterious Interesting Quiet Close, yet so distant. Who are you? Open your doors or a window Let me look at you. I wanna see past your eyes into your mind I wanna see past your chest into your heart. I think you’re afraid to get too close But alas, you still want closeness. Are you […]

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