Dear Remy


the king of positivity

of no bad days

of class

and of compliments

Cheers to you

for a life worthy of the title

for your striking good looks and personality

for having the hardest drip known to man

You were always one to quote songs


I believe Houndmouth hit the nail on the head when they sang,

“you’re gone but you’re not forgot.”

I mourn all of the interactions

we can no longer have

on my side of eternity

I mourn

never having the privilege of dating you

I mourn

never getting to see how big of “Vegas guy” you really are


oh man am I thankful

for the times we did share together

for the love you graced me with

for your short shorts

for your effortless aesthetic

for you.

See you soon hot stuff

in the meantime, there will indeed be no bad days.

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