Enigmatic Man




Close, yet so distant.

Who are you?

Open your doors

or a window

Let me look at you.

I wanna see past your eyes

into your mind

I wanna see past your chest

into your heart.

I think you’re afraid

to get too close

But alas, you still want closeness.

Are you as conflicted as I am?

What do you find your identity in?

Is it in what you do?

In who you love?

Or maybe who loves you?

I suppose it’s selfish of me

to want to be the one you let in.

But you spark my curious soul.

Who are you, mystery boy?

I want to read you like my favorite book

but thats not who you are

and I don’t have one.

You are a complicated poem,

with layers upon layers of meaning.

I can only take you in a bit at a time

so that’s what I’ll do.

Or would have done

If only you would have let me.

Now I’m sitting here

reading the words that came from my heart


maybe God knows better than me

when it comes to choosing a counterpart.

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