The healing things

The flora and fauna

along my daily routes

picking flowers

I want to know more about


my God

my physiology

my inward story

The music

to which I lend my ears

the way it fills me

and makes me

part of something dear

The companions

that come

and go

in their own seasons

watering me

shedding light

into my being

knowing me

and letting themselves

be known

a picture

a pattern

of what’s to come

The gentle winds

that flow through

windows ajar

in my home

in my soul

they caresses me

and hold me

they carry the bird’s song

wrapping it around my fingers

weaving it into the tresses of my hair

making it mine

These are the healing things:

to know and be known

to love and be loved

by God

by friends

by nature

and by my own person.

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