Chloe Bird

Remember when we

painted each other’s bodies

and sunbathed

on those old picnic tables?

The sun kissed us that day

in our ghost town

it was magnificent.

Remember when we

took shrooms with Sachio

and praised each other’s beauty

and chain-smoked American spirit yellows?

Remember when we

learned how to play pool

and savored our dos xx pitchers

and befriended the whole damn bar?

Your company

my dear Chloe Bird,

makes for the best memories.

3 thoughts on “Chloe Bird

    1. My dear sweet Ashley. Not sure if you will ever see this but I’m sending all of my positive love and energy your way. You have such a magical light about you – a halo – please, please, please never lose that. Love and Blessings your way.


      1. Nancy! You just made my day. I miss you a ton and hope you are flourishing in retirement. You are so sweet to reach out and say these things, I feel very similarly about you 🙂


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