Broken to be Built

I don’t think there’s words to describe

this kind of pain,

or this kind of beauty,

or Your kind of mercy.

I don’t know what to do with myself

but I do know

feeling the morning dew on my toes,

and the wind across my face,

and the sun upon my back,

while the children and creatures are playing

makes me feel


I wish I could befriend pain

because it always produces something in me

that is good.

Something of beauty and grace,

and life.

I wish

I didn’t feel like I had to share

every encounter I have with You.

I wish I was content

just to be alone with You.

What do my tears feel like to You?

Do they feel like the morning dew,

or do they sink deep

into the compassionate heart of God?

Cause me to know

and love

who You are.

Thank You for putting me in a place

where I feel like a babe,

helpless in every way.

I don’t know what I want,

And I sure as hell

(or heaven I suppose)

don’t know what I need.

Thank You for showing me

You are the only One,

or thing,

upholding me.

Thank You that my wordless groans

have become your own.

I see Your blood upon each red bird,

I see Your love in the way they flap their wings–


One thought on “Broken to be Built

  1. Your poems are very deep and from your heart. I am a Woman who knows your pains. I have been there. I found my way out of my darkness these last few months. The Father is always with us.

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