Humans and Birds

Come look! The humans are playing

back and forth, too and frow

then rest is taken

maybe they’ll play again tomorrow

I hear the song of average birds

But if you add up one hundred average things

you get something special

something… enjoyable

Do birds have fun?

Or are they secretly programmed

to do the same birdie- like things

over and over?

They’re so close, yet so far

I want to stare at one

if only it would be still.

Maybe that’s how God feels.

“Just. Be. Still.”

Only then can I be fully enjoyed

Beautiful from afar, but connection up close

A mutual connection.

The humans are playing again

Not for long, of course

But so athletic.

It’s funny how it seems

like they’re jumping so high

But its not high at all

Compared to the birds in the sky.

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