Making Me His

“Every good and perfect gift is from above,” indeed! I cannot even begin to explain my experience of the Lord Jesus in these past weeks. Oh, how we’ve enjoyed each other! It blows my mind that the Most High sees it fit to begin making me into His bride at all, especially at such a young age! His pursuit is filled with his purpose! Blessed am I that He has revealed these things to me and blessed am I to be a branch of the Vine. My prayer is that He would continue to grow Himself in me, so that for me to live IS Christ. Surely He has sustained me with purely Himself. And His greatest gift is the gift of His company. I never thought it was possible to have this kind of relationship with Jesus. It is deep, intimate, sustaining, exposing, redeeming, and full of utter whimsy. I am being showered in blessing and riches of the Holy Spirit. Praise God for giving Himself in full to His beloved people. Because He has set eternity in my heart, I feel this ache for Him, to be with Him and experience Him to the fullest. Wow! Talk about answered prayer.
I’ve been praying a lot for not only contentment in the Lord, but joy filled delight, and He has been righteous as always! I’ve been asking Him to shift my focus from earthly marriage to eternal marriage to God Himself— and my joy for Him has been mounting. This is what I am made for! Praise Jesus. This is life. This is purpose. I wish I could explain the things I feel, but no words can do the Lord justice. Being with Him feels like eternity in a moment. His presence can be compared to no human experience! Praise God, Jesus is Lord— and I love Him.

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