A Poem: The Chase

Mysterious Interesting Quiet Close, yet so distant. Who are you? Open your doors or a window Let me look at you. I wanna see past your eyes into your mind I wanna see past your chest into your heart. I think you’re afraid to get too close But alas, you still want closeness. Are you […]

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A Poem: The Progression

Hey God, it’s me! I’ve been looking for You But not really. So… what’s up? This is awkward, lets talk another time? Alright, bye. Hey God, me again! I’ve kinda missed You I guess. It’s weird, You’re the only thing that makes me whole But I can’t connect with You. … I gotta go… Lord […]

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A Poem: Humans and Birds

Come look! The humans are playing back and forth, too and frow then rest is taken maybe they’ll play again tomorrow I hear the song of average birds But if you add up one hundred average things you get something special something… enjoyable Do birds have fun? Or are they secretly programmed to do the […]

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This Year’s Reflections

Looking back on this past year, well, it’s just nice to slow down and take a deep breath. Similarly to most people, I feel like all the time has flown by. But I don’t want to be one who just goes with the flow of time, I want to own my time. I think I’ve […]

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My First Love and My Best Love

Lately I’ve been reflecting and diving into the things/ activities that I really enjoy. I am currently developing a deeper appreciation and fondness of pottery. I am getting back into climbing and bouldering after taking a short break. What I really love about these two activities is the beauty in each of them. There is […]

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Faithfulness of The Lord

The Lord has been faithful to me in such a fresh way this week. He has exposed me, all of my faults, expectations, and insufficiency. I feel so naked before Him. Being exposed is very uncomfortable. Knowing that someone can see all of you– skin, bones, scars, heart, shame, secrets, fantasies, thoughts, desires, fears, and […]

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But Wait… There’s More!

Let’s just start with one BIG exhale and an “Oh Lord Jesus!” haha. I enjoy Christ as the ultimate reality. Somewhere in the book of Romans it says, “for from Him and to Him and through Him are all things.” I have really experienced Jesus in this way recently. He is more. He is not […]

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Success never comes easily. Over time, I have learned that true success is never reflected by outward appearance, because it has everything to do with the state of the heart. This is why it is so difficult for people to actually feel they’re successful, because they’re not putting in work where it will last. Sure, […]

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