Design pt. 2

Back in August of 2019, I wrote a blog post about staying true to design. After looking at it in light of all that has happened in me since then, I would like to shift my previous view of what it means to really stay true to design. At that time I believed that our […]

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A Lord of Deep Feeling

I want to be loved, adored, and committed to. I want to be someone’s first choice and to be wholly sought after even through all the noise. In a recent interaction with the Lord Jesus, I was freshly reminded that He wants these things too. Part of being made in the image of God means […]

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A Poem: The Shallow End

I dove headfirst into love without realizing it was shallow. You were so charming, and I’m naive, how could I have known. I know this is cliche but it killed me what you had to say after the fact after I gave you everything and you didn’t know if you had feelings for me We […]

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Hymn: Overcoming by the Blood

Overcoming by the blood That is what our union does Growing in life day by day All the more to hear Him say: My faithful and good servant You took My blood, let Me serve you How fragrant you are to Me now Your alabaster flask, poured out Overcoming by the blood Molding me like […]

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Hymn: Sow and Reap

Sow and reap, O sow and reap I give myself for you to keep Come and feast, O come and feast Enjoy all of what You’ve done in me My heart is now a garden Full of fruit and spices Being brought to fruition Thou didst plant Your seed within Breathe me in, O breathe […]

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Happy Birthday, Momma.

How heavy the sorrow is Upon my chest When I think of you How deep the ache When I call you to mind Missing you Is like grasping for air In my burning lungs And coming up empty The memory Of your laugh, Of your smile, Of the way you used to look at me […]

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A Poem: Doubts and Suspicions

I highly doubt We would be as cerebral; As intelligent Without music I highly doubt People intend To hurt one another As often as they do I highly suspect Laughter Can heal And crying Can too I highly suspect The grass is only greener Where it is watered And maybe we are the grass And […]

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A Poem: Grant me Your Grace

Lord, Grant me Your grace To sit in silence And wait To wait for Your faithfulness And justice To rear its face. Give me Your grace To wait expectantly For all the good you have for me Grant me Your grace To treasure You above all else Grant me Your grace also To accept all […]

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