Chloe Bird

Remember when we painted each other’s bodies and sunbathed on those old picnic tables? The sun kissed us that day in our ghost town it was magnificent. Remember when we took shrooms with Sachio and praised each other’s beauty and chain-smoked American spirit yellows? Remember when we learned how to play pool and savored our […]

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A Poem: A Blessing Bestowed

It is an art letting things roll off your shoulders like dripping honey like water in the shower. Its during these times that I cower and doubt than an easygoing spirit will ever come about. So what do you do when the only thing getting in your way is you? How can one learn to […]

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A Lament for Charlie

you know me you have loved me recently but now you won’t even touch me – It is fruitless for me to assume this is about me because, lately, it’s always about you – yet I’ve been through enough to know this isn’t personal not even close – I am all too familiar with your […]

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A Poem: Dear Remy

Remy the king of positivity of no bad days of class and of compliments Cheers to you for a life worthy of the title for your striking good looks and personality for having the hardest drip known to man You were always one to quote songs well I believe Houndmouth hit the nail on the […]

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Design pt. 2

Back in August of 2019, I wrote a blog post about staying true to design. After looking at it in light of all that has happened in me since then, I would like to shift my previous view of what it means to really stay true to design. At that time I believed that our […]

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A Lord of Deep Feeling

I want to be loved, adored, and committed to. I want to be someone’s first choice and to be wholly sought after even through all the noise. In a recent interaction with the Lord Jesus, I was freshly reminded that He wants these things too. Part of being made in the image of God means […]

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A Poem: The Shallow End

I dove headfirst into love without realizing it was shallow. You were so charming, and I’m naive, how could I have known. I know this is cliche but it killed me what you had to say after the fact after I gave you everything and you didn’t know if you had feelings for me We […]

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Hymn: Overcoming by the Blood

Overcoming by the blood That is what our union does Growing in life day by day All the more to hear Him say: My faithful and good servant You took My blood, let Me serve you How fragrant you are to Me now Your alabaster flask, poured out Overcoming by the blood Molding me like […]

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