Dear Remy

Remy the king of positivity of no bad days of class and of compliments Cheers to you for a life worthy of the title for your striking good looks and personality for having the hardest drip known to man You were always one to quote songs well I believe Houndmouth hit the nail on the […]

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The Shallow End

I dove headfirst into love without realizing it was shallow. You were so charming, and I’m naive, how could I have known. I know this is cliche but it killed me what you had to say after the fact after I gave you everything and you didn’t know if you had feelings for me We […]

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To Whom am I Bound?

All of these things make my soul so cold How come they are not getting old? But Jesus Has granted me the power To be bold To say no Why is it that the hardest person to say no to Is myself And, damn, I hate asking for help. I hate how I am not […]

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Happy Birthday, Momma.

How heavy the sorrow is Upon my chest When I think of you How deep the ache When I call you to mind Missing you Is like grasping for air In my burning lungs And coming up empty The memory Of your laugh, Of your smile, Of the way you used to look at me […]

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Doubts and Suspicions

I highly doubt We would be as cerebral; As intelligent Without music I highly doubt People intend To hurt one another As often as they do I highly suspect Laughter Can heal And crying Can too I highly suspect The grass is only greener Where it is watered And maybe we are the grass And […]

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Grant me Your Grace

Lord, Grant me Your grace To sit in silence And wait To wait for Your faithfulness And justice To rear its face. Grant me Your grace To wait expectantly For all the good you have for me Grant me Your grace To treasure You above all else Grant me Your grace also To accept all […]

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A Plea and a Praise

You are the best part of me from the early hours of the morning through the weaning light of the evening You are what makes me lovely You put me on like a glove You made me for Yourself You are the oil that lights the lamp deep within me that shines for all to […]

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To be Drawn

Here I am at the end of my rope unable to breathe on my own. What does it even mean to “cope”? I feel like I’ve been cut to the bone. Will I implode or explode or crumble into dust and ashes just like the woman whom I held so dear only to have her […]

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Lead me, Please Carry me

Oh Love that will not let me go I am distracted by the fools gold of this age. My desires feel like needs, and You say, deep down, they are. Please bring correction to my misdirection. Will You come and quench my thirst? I suppose the real question is: will I let You in to […]

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Broken to be Built

I don’t think there’s words to describe this kind of pain, or this kind of beauty, or Your kind of mercy. I don’t know what to do with myself but I do know feeling the morning dew on my toes, and the wind across my face, and the sun upon my back, while the children […]

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