my moon

My moon so far away my moon there you will stay my moon always in the background my moon so confident so proud my moon waxing and waining my moon your nature it pains me my moon, my moon woe is me for loving you my moon, my moon for pushing and pulling the tides […]

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afternoon delight

afternoon delight warm skin dappled and bright soft and dreamy giving receiving affirming redeeming you and me two lovers under the trees we dance we sing we touch we love you, my dear, are my favorite drug one of your glances sends me thrills me kills me

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Peace under water

peace under water peace from my Father kept afloat by each drawing breath kept afloat my dearest water bed little bird darling crane graceful duck, fly high dive deep dazzle me with your wings goose bumps cold love flowing through every crevice filling me fitting me like a glove this quiet moment my sacred treasure […]

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Tangerine lights

indoor plants in between my toes kitten sees all kitten knows hanging tail loose and free yellow eyes settled on me tangerine lights and textured walls upside-down on the couch feelin’ tall music in the kitchen I listen I glisten wholesome company dripping honey green tea life and lemons.

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