The Daily Thoughts of an Enneagram 4

  • waiting for my sheets to dry – one time on a Tuesday – or something – that is a good time for a cherry limeade

  • waking up to music still playing ~ oh man ~ what a day.

  • I love the color green – way more than I intended – never wanted to be a green girl – but we don’t always get to choose what we are – do we?

  • Alabama Shakes is like – Leon Bridges – but the band version.

  • I have the most – comfortable bed – in the world… ask anyone!

  • It’s official – I have listened to all the Alabama Shakes songs – therefore it must be – time to rest.

  • Everyone be talking’ about creative outlets – but what about creative inlets?

  • tonight was warm (tonight was a busty cookin’ mama with a lot of love to give) – tonight was sweet (tonight was pizookie and my phantom grandma’s cherry pie) – this is special – this is life – this is our life.

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