Lead me, Please Carry me

Oh Love that will not let me go

I am distracted by the fools gold of this age.

My desires feel like needs,

and You say, deep down, they are.

Please bring correction

to my misdirection.

Will You come

and quench my thirst?

I suppose the real question is:

will I let You in to do so?

I don’t know

but I want to.

I’m sick and tired of running away

but it’s all I know how to do.

Help me to take Your hand

and trust You

because I can’t on my own

not tomorrow, not today.

Teach me to love You,

not just for what You do,

but for who You are

for Your own heart.

And let who You are affect me

from the inside out

because Your presence

will release me of my deepest doubts.

I need grace upon grace

just to seek Your face,

and more grace still

for my sin

to kill.

I don’t know anything.

But the more I know

the more foolish I feel.

I hate the part of me that isn’t You.

Pain and introspection consume me,

my desires have taken over my mind ,

and my mind my life.

Oh, the hell it is to be consumed by anything

but You, Jesus.

Why am I insistent on holding fast to

the prison cell that is my flesh

when you gave Your own

to set me free from myself?

I am starting to realize

You are my only help.

This new awareness

brings me a certain kind of agony

where I can’t sleep

because, in this story,

I am the tragedy

However, this was Your plan,

in order to show man

who he really is

and who You really are.

In us, You have come so far–

I invite You to come further still

so we can kill

the part of me that’s already dead

and rotting

the rest of my being.

So, lead me, please carry me

because I am beginning to see

that I can not see at all.



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