Hide and go Seek, Tag

“How are you?”

is just a courtesy

or is it?


I’m just being pessimistic.

I want comfort so badly

but to let people in means to open up.

To open up means

to feel everything;

every feeling.

This is what scares me.

Maybe it’s good

for life to not be so agreeable.

It’s in these times

that I can choose

to praise

and consecrate myself to God.

All against the odds.

I can’t bear to work

but I can’t bear to do nothing at all.

Screaming on the inside

monotone on the outside.

seek me out, why don’t you?

could it be

that you are afraid of me too?

Or maybe I am too much for you?

If you really care

you’ll chase me forever

just to see whats on my mind

to see whats really going on inside

This one thing sinks my heart to the ground:

I love to hide

but it tears me apart

not to be found.

Why do I crave such a pursuit?

I guess this is what it feels like

to be made in the image

of a jealous God.

Of a God who hides himself too,

just like I do.

I’m hoping, if I do this right,

whatever that means,

that there will be a pursuer

that keeps on pursuing;

even when I run away,

even when it’s hard to stay.

That a man will tie up his hiking boots

lace by lace

and venture deeper and deeper

into my soul

and ultimately we would venture into

the One who’s Love will never let us go.

maybe then

“Hey, how are you?”

will feel like something more

than just a courtesy or a chore.

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