A Poem: O World, O God

Stop trying to get my attention

There are too many commands

What do you want from me, O World?

You always leave me with empty hands.

You don’t care about me

You never did

You’re angry

because I love your Enemy.

You and your philosophy and shiny toys

it’s all a facade.

Every word that comes from your mouth

is an empty promise.

You say, “look here,” “go there,”

little do people know

they are going nowhere.

I’m tired of your shouting,

You’re so loud.

But not as loud

as the silence

when I’m alone.

I need someone to fill the eternity shaped hole in my being

How often I forget

that is exactly what God’s doing.

Silly me

Maybe I just need to close my eyes

and listen intently

for a quiet whisper

that will sustain me


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