A Poem: O World, O God

Stop trying to get my attention There are too many commands What do you want from me, O World? You always leave me with empty hands. You don’t care about me You never did You’re angry because I love your Enemy. You and your philosophy and shiny toys it’s all a facade. Every word that […]

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A Poem: The Chase

Mysterious Interesting Quiet Close, yet so distant. Who are you? Open your doors or a window Let me look at you. I wanna see past your eyes into your mind I wanna see past your chest into your heart. I think you’re afraid to get too close But alas, you still want closeness. Are you […]

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A Poem: Humans and Birds

Come look! The humans are playing back and forth, too and frow then rest is taken maybe they’ll play again tomorrow I hear the song of average birds But if you add up one hundred average things you get something special something… enjoyable Do birds have fun? Or are they secretly programmed to do the […]

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