About Me!

Hi friends! My name is Ashley and I’m all about connection. I am so stinkin’ pumped to share my heart with the world in an authentic way through this blog. No matter how hard I try, I can’t shake the craving for affirmation when it comes to using social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook. As much as I would like to say I don’t care about the “likes” and what not, every time I post something I find myself feeding my addictive behavior by checking on who liked or commented on it. It’s just too easy to paint a picture of who I want people to think I am through posting only good pictures of myself with cool captions. I have also found that I often feel much more empty after being active on social media, I just compare myself to people and judge people. Not to say that it’s bad as a whole, but for me, in the now, this is a better option for a plethora of reasons… lol. Yay I am excited for this.

Anyway, something or someone, rather, I always come back to is the fact that I have a forever friend in Jesus Christ. He’s pretty lit, so you’ll definitely be seeing him around in my blogs. It’s crazy, no matter what I do or how far I feel from Him, He’s always happy to hang with me and be mine.

I also have a love for art, I like to go into nature and watercolor and just take it all in. I love adventures of any kind, and something cool that I’m kind of realizing is that this whole life we’ve been given is one big adventure and it all depends on your perspective… just some food for thought! I am so moved by creation! I have a thing for music of all kinds, it just depends on my mood. I like to boulder at Austin Bouldering Project, and I like to exercise (not all the time, lol). I am super into gardens and flower shops as well.

If I could put everything about me into one sentence, it would probably be that I enjoy raw life. As painful as things can be and as broken as this world is, Jesus offers me His hand in it all. The comfort in that isn’t that He instantly fixes it, it’s that He chooses to enter my pain and my brokenness and holds me. He’s not afraid of my mess. Without Him, even my greatest joys are lacking and my deepest sorrows breed despair. He had redefined my future, He is near to me; He is not a means to an end, He is the end! So I live for Him and dwell in His redeeming heart. Oh and I meet with the Church in Austin regularly for fellowship. Here is the link to their website.

This blog is gonna be an awesome experience, I hope the ones that read my posts will get as much out of them as I get in the writing process. #praisetheLord

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